Toyshoppe Systems is providing a single point of access to leading edge arts, media, design and engineering professionals who can turn ideas into reality.


This is the place to come play and make your ideas real…

Idea Assessment

Let us partner with you, understand your idea, help you determine the most feasible solution or MVP, and create drawings and designs for your idea.

Rapid Prototyping and Idea modeling

Have an idea for a project? We can help you create a model that helps you get a tangible sense of your project. Prototypes and Models enable deep sensory experiences and through interaction inspire even further possibilities…

Model Fabrication and Engineering

Principal Props, Models and Elements for Feature Films and Television

LED Lighting

Using the latest in LED technologies, we can light up anything, from buildings to wearable costumes

Light and Effects Design

Stage production, immersive events and entertainment, we can create interactive displays and create mind-blowing environments

Installations with Interactive Effects

We have created installations for major festival events and artistic installations

New Product Development

Fabrication of new inventions for select clients, restoration of unique inventions